JANUARY 31, 2023

Myrto Tripathi - France

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Hello everyone.

I’m here with a group from France. You know, it is the most nuclearized country in the world. It is also a country that has a lot of negative public opinion about nuclear and a lot of misinformation.

Nuclear in the EU is one-third of the electricity generation. It is half of the low carbon clean power.

Half of the countries in the European Union have nuclear power plants on their grounds. Those nuclear powers plants is [sic] the largest fleet in the world. Those [sic] are technical data, those [sic] are facts. Behind those technical data and those facts there are people. There are people like us, and there is an increasingly high number of people in the European Union that favor nuclear power.

So you hear numbers, but I don’t think we hear the right numbers. So let me give you some, and I will be the only one:

It is near 40 million people in France that are favorable to nuclear power. That is 5 million in Belgium. Here! Near 30 million people in Poland. More than 7 million people in the Czech Republic. Even 1.4 million in Austria. And those numbers are growing by the day.

Dear European commissioners and members of Parliament, Don’t turn your back on evidence and facts. Don’t turn your back on processes you’ve established yourself [sic] just because they don’t give the results you want. Don’t turn your back on the European people. Don’t turn your back on the future. Don’t turn your back on us. Hear us.

Thank you.