JANUARY 31, 2023
Standup for nuclear 2023

To protect the well-being of our families, companies, economy and country it is essential to keep all nuclear plants open and prepare the building of new ones.

Nuclear offers us clean, cheap and reliable energy.

STAND-UP FOR NUCLEAR invites you to join us at our next Stand-Up for Nuclear to show your support for keeping open Tihange-2 reactor in an operational state after the planned shutdown.

More than ten independent supporting organisations will be present

Political parties, large and small, confirmed their presence and support.

Practical information


January 31 2023


10h00 to 12h00


Quai de Compi├Ęgne, Opposite nuclear plant Tihange, 4500 Huy

2 km from Huy railway station

Meeting point map

Supporting organisations

100TWh Ecomodernisme Fota4Climate Kern voor Klimaat

Replanet International / Replanet Nederland

SEII Voix Nucleaire Stimmen der Kernenergie WeCare WeCare Nuklearia Nuklearia Nuklearia Nuklearia