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Standup for nuclear 2024

On Thursday, March 21st, Stand Up For Nuclear another pro-nuclear event in front of the entrance to the first international nuclear summit.

The summit, jointly chaired by Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and IAEA chief Rafael Grossi, marks the most significant high-level meeting solely dedicated to nuclear energy thus far. It presents an ideal opportunity for participating countries and their leaders to share their vision regarding the pivotal role of nuclear energy in achieving the Net Zero goal.

In support of this international gathering, Stand Up for Nuclear organized a large pro-nuclear assembly at the event entrance. Over 45 organizations from 32 countries across 6 continents, representing tens of thousands of members, endorsed this action. Approximately 50 individuals from around 20 of these organizations in over 15 countries actually attended the pro-nuclear gathering in Brussels. Their message is clear: nuclear energy must play a key role in Belgian, European, and global energy policies. This action demonstrates significant and rapidly growing support for nuclear energy within civil society, notably among young people.

Swedish climate activist Ia Aanstoot, the face of the Dear Greenpeace campaign, was also present in Brussels. She emphasized the need for increased electricity production for human welfare and advocated for the construction of nuclear energy plants to expand global access to clean energy. Aanstoot urged Greenpeace to abandon its opposition to nuclear energy and join the fight against fossil fuels, which contribute to climate change.

Belgian organizer Paul Bossens, Director of Stand Up For Nuclear Belgium, expressed satisfaction with the turnout, emphasizing the challenges of mobilizing people in central Brussels on a workday. He hopes that politicians at the nuclear summit have understood the message: nuclear energy is a future energy form that should not be dismissed outright, considering the collective fight against climate change and ensuring energy security at an affordable price.

American Paris Ortiz-Wines, a well-known figure in the global advocacy for nuclear energy, also attended the event in Brussels. He stressed the necessity of participating in this historic nuclear summit amid the climate crisis, emphasizing that anti-nuclear sentiment is no longer the status quo. Ortiz-Wines encouraged Belgian government leaders to take climate action and extend the lifespan of all remaining reactors, asserting that there is no such thing as too much carbon-free electricity.



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