JANUARY 31, 2023

Arun Khuttan - UK

Transcript (download)

Good afternoon, everybody! My name’s Arun, and I’m from the UK to talk about nuclear today.

And it’s an absolute privilege to be among so many leaders and impassionate followers for nuclear. We’re all leaders in this climate fight, and it's really a privilege to be in front of you today. So I’m from the UK where we will be hosting COP26 this year, and it’s gonna be the biggest climate change conference to date.

But as you might be aware, nuclear remains benched on the sidelines. It’s not getting the recognition it deserves despite the progress that we’re making to get it as part of the conversations. Now, I represent a rapidly growing minority that is youth fighting for climate change. And we are growing and growing, and we will not be fooled by what the politicians are saying. We don’t want empty actions and empty words. We want action—science-led action. A key mantra of our young generation group in the UK is to follow the science, undoubtedly, of everybody else here today.

The decision to close and stifle nuclear power isn’t one of reason; it’s one of outdated ideologies, and there is no place for those ideologies anymore. We must fight them and rid them from our societies. We must follow the science, and we must follow what we believe in. And we won’t stand for anything else but the science.

Net Zero needs nuclear! Can we have a chant? WE WANT NUCLEAR!