JANUARY 31, 2023

Julia - Poland

Transcript (download)

My name is Julia, and I am a biology student in Poland.

I am a member of FOTA4Climate and also a member of youth council in Poland.

As youth, we are thinking about the climate crisis everyday because it is a part of our future. We are worried about tomorrow and our parents raised us to believe in totally different reality than we are living right now. And many of us are struggling with anxiety and depression caused of [sic] climate change. And that’s why we have to take action. We’re standing for clean energy sources. We’re standing for a natural environment, and we’re standing for people and society.

Youth climate council—which is 32 members from the whole country—is taking constant, pragmatic action in Poland. Right now, we are trying to involve youth in the conversation about the future because we are going to live in it. We are going to make the future and live in it. Right now, we’ve just started a long way to include climate education in Polish schools and we need really good information about climate change and mitigation.

Right now in Germany, they are shutting down nuclear power plants and in their place Germans put gas and, for me, that’s insane because I care about the climate change and the crisis. I think that youths know that we need pragmatic ecologist movements, and I think that is why we are here right now.

Thank you very much.