JANUARY 31, 2023

Konstantin Dolski - Estonia

Transcript (download)

Greetings, people of Brussels! Greetings, nuclear activists!

My name is Konstantin Dolski, and I have come a long way—approximately 2000 km—here to Belgium from the country of Estonia, a country that is infamous for its carbon emissions despite its small size, a country that has just started to recover, and a country that has just started to plan out its nuclear program. And I have come astonished! I have come appalled!

As such a country as Belgium, a country with its own sustainable and reliable nuclear energy is about to lose it all.

My friends, if the lights go out in Brussels, the lights will go out in Europe. So my message for you is short and powerful, as a lot has already been said.

Stand up for a clean Europe, stand up for reliable and efficient energy, and stand up for nuclear!