JANUARY 31, 2023

Tea Törmänen - Finland

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I’m a biologist and a mother of two daughters. And, for me, standing up for nuclear is standing up for nature and standing up for the future of my daughters.

Yesterday in Finland, we had our own Stand Up event in front of our Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. We demanded that as a country building new nuclear and also having two small reactor programs and a record high public support (for years in a row now in Finland), we should fight for nuclear more passionately in the EU level as well.

All the good work we have done in Finland will be in jeopardy if nuclear is not being included in the taxonomy of sustainable investments.

It is also infuriating to see other countries closing down nuclear plants prematurely when we know that extending the life of existing plants is one of the most cost-effective things we can do for the climate.

The people of Belgium deserve better leaders. You have been let down. So let’s all together join the fight for better leaders and better energy policy. Thank you.